My account got suspended for no reason :(

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suddenly my account got suspended

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its getting redirected to Special offer and Discount Coupon when I try to access my sad
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I was scared too, looks like its an issue for everyone. They actually just fixed the issue but it will take a few hours to take effect. Active domains redirecting to / Login Issues


I got the same thing when I checked today. Wondering how to remedy. I ready infinityfree knowledge base saying to create a support ticket from account area, but I do not see the button they say is there to click to create the support ticket.

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is this the same issue for yours too

do we have to do something on this?i dont know what to do…i also have no option to create a ticker :frowning:

There is nothing to do right now. They fixed the issue but it takes a few hours for the changes to update.
From my understanding, all infinityfree sites are redirecting


ok shall we have a group somehere to discuss on live problems

A little confused about this, doesnt this forum do that?

The issue you’re experiencing is caused by an outage which is explained in this announcement:

To help keep the forum organized, please don’t create additional topics about the issue. If you have more questions, please feel free to ask them in the announcement topic.