My account get suspended. Not active after 24 hours

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My account was suspended on 09/23 and said that after 24 hours would return to normal in the case yesterday, but it did not come back and now says that I have to wait another 10 hours to have access to the Website, which does not make any feeling since the site was to have returned to work yesterday. Please I need to use my Website later this afternoon, has it possible to solve this?

Can you screenshot that please? You may have been suspended again….

I get it, I didn’t know I could have the account suspended twice in a row.

This might be a server error.


Hi, My site had returned today, so I went to backup to be able to migrate to another hosting but was suspended again a few hours later and now I can not back up because it is giving error.

And in the backup error is saying so “Critical error: Could not connect to the server” (I put all the correct information).


When an account is suspended, FTP access is disabled too, so this is normal.

One thing you could do as a last resort is to change your domain away from our servers, for example by moving it back to your domain provider’s nameservers. This cuts off traffic to your site, which should prevent any further suspensions giving you time to retrieve a backup.


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