My account appears deleted or inactive

Hola, mi pagina la cree hace un año, no la he utilizado y aparece inactiva , no me deja activarla quisiera saber como hacer para que se vuelva a activar


Hello, my page was created a year ago, I have not used it and it appears inactive, it does not let me activate it, I would like to know how to make it activate again

Welcome! Just to let you know, this is an English language forum, so please post your messages in English.

Regarding the question itself, please carefully check the status of the account. If it says something like “Deactivated”, it means you can reactivate it. If it says “Suspended”, you may be able to reactivate it too, but then please check the client area and carefully read the information presented in the red box.

If it says Deleted, then it means the account was erased from the servers already. If so, it’s not possible to reactivate the account, because there is nothing left to reactivate.

If you don’t use your account for a while (i.e. it gets no traffic), then we’ll suspend it for inactivity. You’ll then have some time to reactivate it without data loss. But if you don’t take action, we assume you don’t care about the account and delete it to make room for sites that are actively being used.


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