My accound suspended

My account has been suspended constantly, but I am not satisfied with it at all. My site opened last night. My site has just been suspended again.

I installed the wp fastes cache plugin so that the cpu of the site is dropped from my wordpress account and is not suspended again.


How can we help here?

Have you checked this:

Hepsini yaptım ama olmadı :frowning: bütün dosyaları silip yeni worpress hesabi açtim ve tekrardan denedim ama saba saat 8 gibi yine hesap askiya alindi dün akşam açılmıştı acilir acilmaz ilk once yeni guncellemeyi kurdum ardindan cache cpu düşüren pluginler kurdum önbelleklenen verileride surekli ama sürekli siliyordum ve siteye sadece ben giriyorum bu çok üzücü bir durum :frowning:

Translation by MOD: I did it all but it did not work :frowning: I deleted all the files and opened a new worpress account and tried again, but at about 8 o’clock in the morning, the account was suspended yesterday evening. just i am entering this is a very sad situation :frowning:

Don’t worry. You will need to investigate your scripts that what is causing error.
In case you are at wordpress, then delete your wordpress (first backup your content) and start again by no extra plugins.

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