MX records for custom domain email

USERNAME: [epiz_30715991]

I cant figure out how to receive message to my domain email. My domain registrar is GOOGLE. Im sure its something about the MX records. IT works fine when using googles default servers but it wont allow incoming email when I use N1/N2 on my custom servers.

can anyone help me out? Very new to this

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Are you using Google Workspace?


Hi @6alogistics!
You need to set MX records to Google workspace. You need to run the gmail setup again for your custom domain from the admin panel. You can add MX records from the control panel.

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Thanks for the help and warm welcomes. I guess I did it right the first time and now Iā€™m receiving emails. i believe it was a time delay for everything to sync up. Thanks again


Or use Cloudflare

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