MX record not getting published

My website URL is:
I added an e-mail address to my domain (above).
When I go to the control panel and click on e-mail, I get the page;
which says at the top (in an alert box);
To recieve emails on the email address you will need to set the MX record for your domain name to mx.epizy. yada yada
I click on the button to go to mx records and verify that I do have a MX record setup for my domain.
I click the back button and verify that I have set up a valid e-mail account for my domain.

I still cannot log into web-mail and I cannot send mail to my new box. When I use mx toolbox dot com (per one of your FAQs), no DNS or MX records can be found. I am attempting to login to web-mail with my e-mail address and password for the e-mail address, I’ve verified that my e-mail password does not have any special characters in it.

I have been banging on this for over a week now, surely DNS propagation has had plenty of time.


Your MX records look fine now. Note that the MX record warning is always visible, regardless of the actual status of your MX records. If you checked it and know the MX records are correct, then you can ignore the message.

If your MX records are correct and you’re still having trouble receiving email, please be sure to note this topic as well: Email Account, Webmail, Forwarders issues

Good to know about the MX record warning, if it’s not actually based on a missing record then maybe the warning box shouldn’t be RED, the standard color for something that has failed or needs to be fixed, Think Yellow.

The fix to my problem was to remove the e-mail account and re-add it. It would seem that the original e-mail account creation was done while the storage woa’s were going on and possibly that didn’t allow for the account to get set up correctly.

Thanks to Admin for the follow up

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