mutliple hosters

i noticed that you host multiple hosting sites.
some more.

they all have the same registration for domains when we do whois.

now my question is how is my cpu daily limits being hit if i barely use 5% of any type of data in a 24 hour timeframe.

it seem like the servers are having issues if the cpu limit is being hit within a 24 hour timeframe if the site barely uses any more then 5% of cpu usage or so.

P.S: I am not saying its a bad idea to host more, just seems odd that i be hitting cpu limit for different sites that is hosted on different servers that is using the same domain registration as this webhosting place does


I did not completely understand what are you saying, but it seems like you are thinking that we host other hosting sites on our free hosting.

And with registration you meant the nameservers or other domain data?

Let me clear some things out.

We share the same nameservers with hosting.

Therefore we are a reseller that resells free hosting to our customers.

So there may be other free hosting providers that resell hosting packages from the same service we resell from.

InfinityFree is not a fully independent hosting and it uses many other hosting solutions and services.


oh ok. i am trying to figure out who to contact about 2 of my domains being suspended for cpu limit bogus.

i found for one but the other seems to not tell me who to contact about.

Note that out of the domains listed there, only and are ours. The other two domains are not from us.

You can view your daily CPU usage statistics through the Account Statistics section in your control panel. The CPU usage is not reflected in any of the statistics in the sidebar. If you have any account on, or which was suspended for hitting the CPU limits and you would like to know more about why that happened, please let me know the username and I can check if there is anything else I can tell you.