Multiple sets of nameservers detected on my free subdomain = bad?


My username is epiz_28804528, I have a free subdomain at

I am trying to renew the SSL certificate for my subdomain. In doing so, I get a warning message saying:

“Multiple sets of nameservers were detected on your domain name.
This is not recommended and may make your domain inaccessible.”

As I am fairly clueless about these things, my question is 1) is this a big issue and 2), if so, where do I change the nameservers for my subdomain so that they comply with the above recommendation?

Hope my question makes sense.



There’s nothing that you can do, and I believe this is just a bug [for free subdomains] because subdomains don’t have NS records, only the second-level domain ( in this example), and in this case, the second-level domain is fine.


Thank you for taking the time to help out! :pray: I will ignore the warning for now, then. :slight_smile:


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