Multiple errors when entering my web page

The minimum 72 hours have already passed for my website to work, however it does not work.
I’m still redirected to the ad page of “”, in no device does it work.
In other cases the browser shows me different errors such as “Connection Timeout”, “Unable to connect to the site”, “Problem when loading the page”, among many other errors.

I need help! I have to present this project to my school before Sunday and I do not know what to do, please help me.

The site:

Software: Chrome/Firefox/Tor Browser/Opera

Additional Information: My account has been created in 23/04/2019, As you can see, the 72 hours have already passed

Hello Retr
you site is working for me as you see

if you still facing this issue try to change you dns to something like and
or google search dns and
if you got any issue just tell me
Thanks :smiley:

Thank you! It works now.
You know why that happen?

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