multiple attacks

Hello, I wanted to ask for help because every 24 hours they attack my website, I don’t know what kind of attack they are doing, but they consume all the server resources and that’s why they suspend my account, they have already suspended it 3 times this week, due to that series of attacks, and I wanted to see if they could give me protection or something.

account name: epiz_32820143


What is the reason for suspension? It probably was not an attack, often it is either yourself, or bots, that are triggering the suspension. This is most likely what is happening since you keep getting suspended.


Well, it is that the same person who is attacking me confessed everything to me, he even makes fun of me and asks me to “create another domain” surely to suspend it too.

I sent you a PM. Can you please send screenshots of the confessions?

Aditonally, please share your domain name. You can do it either here or in the PM.



I try to put all the screenshots in a single answer but I get (Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.)

Can you please post the screenshots in this topic instead?

This way it is private and not public.

Also, can you please share your domain name in that topic as well?



You could try to migrate your site to Cloudflare with “I’m under attack” mode enabled, that’s usually quite effective at stopping attacks.

But a site that gets a huge amount of traffic like yours is going to put a lot of stress on the servers, and we don’t want to host sites like that regardless of whether the traffic is legitimate or not.


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