Multiple accounts

Can i delete acccount and recreate for change domaine name but account take 20 days for desactivated

how to do this fast
can i create mutiple with same ip

You can only have maximum of 3 active hosting accounts.
Breaking this rule will likely mean permanent suspension


how to change domain name solutions for do not waiting 20days ? for reactivate accounts

Just add the new domain to your existing hosting account?
You have to write more clearly. I have no idea what you want…


i cant because im creating 3 account and i cant change it before 20 days any solutions ?

If you have domainA in hosting accountA and you want to transfer domainA to hosting accountB, just remove domainA from accountA and just add it into accountB.

Is this what you want to do?


No, but you can reactivate the account, login to the control panel and delete the domain name from there. If you do this, the domain name will be deleted instantly and can be used on other accounts right away!


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