Moving To Cloudflare nameservers

Hello, so i created my account on infinityfree pointed my nameservers got my ssl sertificate uploaded my website and im all done, but i have a question. I want to move my website to cloudflare beacuse of their gr8 services. So if i remove infinityfree nameservers and change it to cloudflare nameservers

Will my website get broken?

Will my ssl sertificate get removed?

Will i be still able to use infinityfree vistapanel, infinityfree features, and still be able to upload and delete files?

I’m all ears for your answers.

(Sorry if I didn’t use a clear language.)

If you don’t follow the guide below, it is likely.


Of course. But none of the DNS functions in vPanel will do anything because you will be using CloudFlare nameservers.


Thank you

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I’m not quite sure, am I going right? Should i click contuine or wait

Click continue!

I clicked, it didnt told me to change nameservers. It took me to the starting screen, but the site is still on pending nameserver update, i guess i will change the nameservers and wait for the name server update.

Leave the nameservers pointed to the ones Cloudflare assigned you. You may have to wait up to 72 hours for them to propagate everywhere, though.

Hope you got it all worked out!


My site is now active on cloudflare, i hope nothing goes wrong.

Tysm for your help :heart:

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You are very welcome!


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