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Hi all,

So I’m more or less at the point where I’m ready to officially launch my friends site I’ve been making for him.

At this stage I have two main questions:

Firstly, he has an existing website with Wix. How do I go about moving his domain name from there to our new site at

Secondly, recently we set up Google Ads and analytics etc on this old Wix site. As a part of that we were given some custom codes to pop into Wix. These are applied to all pages. Can anyone advise me on how to move those to the new site?

Cheers all!

If your friend has their own domain (e.g., the domain can be moved here like this:

If your friend is using a free subdomain from Wix (e.g. or whatever their customer site domain is), then it probably can’t be moved away from Wix.

That completely depends on how you built this new site. And how you’re planning to move content from Wix to here in the first place.

If Wix has some kind of HTML export feature which you can use to generate a copy of the site to upload here, then it should work out of the box here. If you need to migrate the content manually, then you’ll have to migrate those custom codes too. And how to add them depends on the website building system you choose.

Thanks Admin,

I’ll get on the domain moving.
In terms of the old Wix site, absolutely zero content is being moved over apart from those custom codes.

I’m assuming I just need to drop those into the html on each relevant page on the new site?

Assuming you’re building the site in plain HTML, then yes. If you’re using a website builder or CMS of some kind, it may have tools to make this easier.

Hi Admin,

So it would appear shifting the domain bought from Wix for the old site to the new site isn’t as straightforward as it looked.

According to Wix: “Currently, it’s not possible to change name servers (edit NS records) for a Wix domain.
You can, however, point your Wix domain to an external site.”

Now, in order to do this pointing thing, I apparently need the relevant DNS records (e.g., A record, CNAME record): Connecting a Wix Domain to an External Site | Help Center |

Any idea where I might find these records?

You can find the IP address of your hosting account in the client area. If you point your domain name to that, it can work.

HOWEVER, the domain MUST be assigned to a hosting account first or it won’t show a website. And to add the domain name to a hosting account, the domain MUST point to the nameservers first.

So you can’t use a domain name here which is registered with Wix (or any other provider that doesn’t let you change nameservers - an extremely basic feature of any domain provider). Please consider transferring this domain name to a real domain provider, not a website making company who also sells domain names.


Thanks Admin, I’ve basically inherited this mess from my friend to sort out as I know marginally more about it than him, though that’s not saying much!

I’ll look at transferring this domain somehow, I get the feeling Wix won’t make this easy…

Hi Admin,

Can you give me any recommendations of domain providers I should transfer this domain to?

We have good experience with NameSilo:

Thanks a lot Admin, really appreciate the help!

I take it I can transfer my existing domain bought through wix to these guys and point it to my free site in the way you’ve mentioned previously?

Glad to be getting this done finally :slight_smile:

Oops…Admin I’ve just spotted something, these guys you’ve suggested don’t seem to do!

Generally speaking, yes.

The only caveat is that with .com domains and some other extension you need to wait for 60 days after the registration or last transfer before you can transfer it again. Some domain extensions don’t have these restrictions, but then NameSilo may not offer them.

I see!

Only issue I can see is that they don’t do domains, which annoyingly is what the current domain I need to move is…

I would recommend IONOS for a short term domain you may not need to keep for long (2 years or under). If you plan to keep it for longer, namecheap works out better in the long run. Cloudflare also do cheap domains, and they are more transparent about the costs of the domain, but I would personally stick to namecheap or IONOS as they have easier to use interfaces. Namecheap support is significantly better then IONOS, with 24 7 live chat, I have had problems with IONOS in the past as they reply via email, and it can take like a day before I get a reply, frustrating when you need something fixed ASAP

Namecheap support is indeed quite good.

I would recommend against using Cloudflare as your domain registrar, because they also don’t let you change your nameservers.


Many thanks guys,

Going to give Namecheap a go.
Just waiting for wix to change the IPS Tag so I can continue with the transfer…god knows how long that will take…they’ve already done their best to send me round in circles with various people.

I’m not an expert on UK domains, but as far as I know, you can change the IPS tag yourself through Nominet, the central authority for all UK domains?

Not sure about that, but it may allow you to take back your own domain name from Wix.

Wix actually did it.

Just checked in with Namecheap customer support, tags are sorted and transfer is happening. They’ll email me when it’s all done. Lovely service from Namecheap so far!

Feels like progress today : )


Congrats for moving away from Wix! HTML & CSS is better because you have more functionality and features! Second good choice going for NameCheap. I personally register my domains there!

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