website comes online and goes down

**My website URL

**What I’m seeing is:

**I’m using this software:*I am using WordPress which is hosted by infinity free and my website comes online and soon it goes down. *

Additional information:

My website is given above and domain I have taken somewhere else and hosting I am doing from infinity free and the problem with my website is that it comes online and very soon it goes down. It is happening for 5 days.
Anyone, please help me out from this.
I’ll be grateful for this

What do you see when the website goes down?

When my website goes down then on website it is written like “This site can’t be reached”.

At least for me it works (points perfectly to, so it uses Cloudflare cPanel integration), so for you it may be caching issues / DNS propagation issues; you may try to flush DNS opening a Command Prompt as administrator and running this command:

ipconfig /flushdns

If it doesn’t work try clearing your cookies and cache from your browser settings.

Do you use Google Chrome? If so, can you share the technical error code here (the one starting with ERR_)? Because unlike the default “user friendly” error message, it gives us a lead on why your computer can’t reach your site.

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