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need advice on how to move many files from one domain to another

i would recommend downloading the files from your original website to your local computer and then uploading them to the new hosting

filezilla ftp program is perfect for this task


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have used fileZilla and like it a lot. I was hoping to find a more efficient method than downloading from InfinityFree and then uploading to a different InfinityFree subdomain several hundred one-MB jpg files. I have moved a few files using copy and then paste, but it’s rather tedious moving one or two files at a time. I haven’t been able to select more than two files at a time using control-click or shift-click as a Windows user would expect. Also, I ran into an InfinityFree ftp limitation: I don’t know whether I exceeded a maximum number of MB per day, per hour, . . . .
Again, thanks for your advice.

If both are from the same hosting account. Using “move” function from filezilla will suffice


Thanks for suggesting Filezilla. I hadn’t thought of using it for this. But I don’t see a “Move” function in Filezilla and I don’t know how to show InfinityFree subdomains on both its left and right panels so I can’t drag the files. I guess I can use Filezilla to download the files to my desktop computer and then upload them to the other InfinityFree subdomain. Is there an InfinityFree ftp limit that will prevent me from downloading and uploading hundreds of files or hundreds of MB ?
Thanks for your advice.

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You should be able to use the “Cut” and “Paste” commands. (Do not use copy)



Sorry to be difficult, but I don’t see “Cut” and “Paste” commands on the Filezilla screen.

Just drag and drop from the right panel.

Not possible. Freecommander can do that, but ftp will not work


You can also use the online file manager for this, it does have cut and paste functions. Seeing how moving files is done by the FTP server itself, it will work fast and reliably with the online file manager as well.


I know how to use the on-line file manager to cut from one subdomain and paste in another subdomain, but only to move one or two files at a time. I can’t figure out how to select many files at once: as a Windows user, I expect to click on one file and then shift-click (or cntrl-click) on another file to select all the files between them. If I want to move 100 files it would be tedious to repeat 100 times select, cut, navigate to other domain, paste.

It’s strange that this doesn’t work for you, because it works for me (also a Windows user, on Chromium).
Shift-clicking that is; control-clicking works as intended, (de)selecting only the files you choose to.
Select Multiple Files


ChrisPAR, your final comment ("It’s strange that this doesn’t work for you . . . “) leads me to the perfect solution to my problem. That comment led me to some experimentation: using Chrome on my Dell desktop with a 30” Samsung monitor, shift-click lets me select lots of files IFF (if and only if) I click far to the right (but not too far) of the file name. If I click ON a second file name or on the file’s size, date, etc then I get only that second file.
Now that I know this, I’m all set. THANK YOU !


Doesn’t CTRL + A or CTRL + Click + Down Arrow work?


OK, I tried Cntl-A , Cntl-downArrow, and several other combinations: none seem to do anything. But shift-click (at the right place) does exactly what I want so I’m happy.


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