Move a Wordpress website over to a different domain

I had a domain which expired so I planned moving it over to another domain which I have registered and is also with an account. Is there a way I can move it over? I have the /htdocs locally.

Since you did not write clearly, this is most suitable for you


I’m sorry, I will expand a bit more. I already had an account on infinity free for my website on Now the domain expired and it looks like I can’t get it back. So I registered another domain and account on infinityfree for it. So can I move the wordpress website which I made on the domain into the domain? Please let me know if you need any more details. Thank you for your reply! : D

Since you are using WordPress, the below should help in terms of backup and restore

While restoring the database, take note to change the domain name from to prior to import

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The Moving WordPress article from the official WordPress docs is also useful. Our own instructions are more practical for moving the files and database, but the guide from WordPress also helps you to update your website URLs from the old domain to the new one:


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