MOV video files are blocked or removed


I had a very good experience last time with my problem. Hope I’ll be able to resolve this one as well.

I had a European project with my students and created a very short Web site about its phases. It also includes 4 small clips from my iPhone about development of our wave energy generator.

When I try to download them (was using both Monsta FTP and FileZilla FTP) they are either blocked (“download failed”) or downloaded successfully and then immediately removed from the folder.

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance,


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Hello there,

It could be because of the current FTP issue.
Could you please check this out:

Did you mean download to your computer or to the website?


So you download the files, and then the files are removed from where exactly? If your own computer deletes the files after downloading them, that’s not something we can help you with.


Well, this is happening during last 2.5 weeks…

Well, to my Domain on infinity

Sorry, my bad… Uploading to my Domain in Infinity. My appology. It is here:

There’s size limit for a file in Infinityfree.
Read here


Oh! That’s the reason… Thanks a lot for explanation. My files are 10.6MB, 15MB and 20MB…

I wonder, if there is a way, for example, to split them in 2 or 3 parts and show consequently one-by-one uninterruptedly in the same frame.

You can host your video files from 3rd party video hosting services like YouTube (make your video unlisted), Google Drive, Vimeo and Mega.
Then embed it on your website by using the following example code below:

<video width="520" height="480" controls>
  <source src="https://videohosting.example/yourvideo" type="video/mp4">

Great idea! THANKS A LOT!!!

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I’m suggesting you to use JW Player because JW Player provides a video hosting, video player, and JW Player has a free plan (Storage 25GB) plus! easy to embed, easy to share, customizable player, even has quality selector and playback speed just like youtube
I’m not forced you to use jw player it’s optional
Sorry for loooooongggg explanation

While I appreciate your answer but please note that this topic belongs to 2 months ago, which means it doesn’t accept answers, i’m locking this topic and good luck with helping people with newer issues :slight_smile: