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I am trying to install moodle but I need to put a ‘moodledata’ folder on the outside of the htdoc. I do not have the permission how can I change that?

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What??? you’re not allowed to upload files or make folder outside htdocs

Why do you want to add them outside htdocs?

You could also add them inside htdocs.


The moodle installers requireds it. When I try to install inside the folder the error Dataroot no secure pops up.

Just install it inside htdocs, not outside. There’s a reason why there’s a file that says, ‘DO NOT UPLOAD FILES HERE’.

Moodle wants to protect your private data from being accessible from the internet by storing the files outside a web accessible directory. We want to protect your website by making sure that PHP code of one domain cannot access the files outside of that domain folder (to prevent a security problem on one site from compromising your entire account).

Both Moodle’s and our restrictions are valid concerns. Unfortunately, this means that Moodle can’t run on our hosting.


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