Moodle instalation with softaculous

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Im installing moodle with softaculous, I get a dataroot error in the config, and from what I’ve read it seems to happen because some hosts dont allow acess to folders outside htdocs, causing this moodle problem, can I know if this is the case? Because its not possible to install moodle without acess to outside folders, because if the moodledata folder is inside htdocs then we’ll have a security problem.

Yes, if it tries to access any folders outside your website’s folder, it will not be able to. Functions such as open_basedir() are strictly forbidden on Free Hosting.

so, no way I can install moodle right?

Im just testing stuff around so I can get an insecure website…

If it tries to access folders outside of your website, then no. You cannot.

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It can be protected easily with a single .htaccess rule. But I can understand Moodle’s decision to not allow this, to help accidentally exposing sensitive data on sites which don’t support .htaccess.

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