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Hello! I was filling up Monsta FTP authentication form for my free epizy web hosting. I don’t know what to write inside “Initial Directory”. What does this mean?. I don’t see it in my FTP details as well. I am unable to upload my file because of not completing this FTP form.

ignore this form. Wait till the cpanel loads completely. Then click on the file manager. You should be able to access your files without any form completion.


Also, you need to upload your files in the htdocs/ folder, or else it will be deleted automatically by the system.


Ok, I ignored it. But now after I upload my file and open my website it doesn’t show the display I am looking for. Instead, it shows, “Directory listing”. I uploaded Index.html file and Images folder. All this list comes when I open my website.

I uploaded the documents in htdocs folder. But I don’t know what files to upload. Index.html only or any others also?

You can upload all the files of your website (also index.html or index.php).

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by default. Delete the index2.html then create a index.html or index.php( if it has php codes).

not want to index index named file? index a file like this in .htaccess file:

DirectoryIndex yourfilename.html


DirectoryIndex yourfilename.php

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