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Hi. I’m a very old user of infinityfreeprohost and from what I understood this host is way better and I prefer this one than the others. I think I joined here a year ago… and till then all were good and nothing went wrong. I have a website (link is mentioned above) and at the beginning, my site used to run well, and WordPress updates were automatically installed. a few months later I started facing issues with updating Wordpress and twice or thrice I had to manually do it which wasn’t such a big deal… till then monsta FTP hadn’t shown me an error. Fast forward to today, after a very long time, I opened my site to see what all updates are available and saw that there were a bunch of plugins that had to be updated, and also WordPress 6.1.1 version was available. So I first tried the automatic installer, which like mentioned above failed… I just went to the Wordpress site downloaded their package and opened monsta FTP… For the first time ever it said my account quota was over… and I couldn’t upload any more files… and if I did that I would get an error saying that ‘The upload failed 404/Not Found’… So I just wanna what’s actually happening to it… why does it all of a sudden show me this error I haven’t faced before… I hope u guys can help with this and sort it out… because of that my site won’t even open as I don’t have a backup. I didn’t make a backup because I never thought this would happen. Please HELP ASAP.


Screenshot of the error:
Screenshot (292)

MonstaFTP is a bit… funny at times. The uploader has some weird behavior where this happens some times. I don’t quite know why this happens.

If you want to do a larger upload, or upload many files, you’ll generally have a better experience with a desktop FTP client like FileZilla.

That said, if all you want to do is update WordPress, perhaps you could try to do it with Softaculous? That way, you don’t have to upload any files yourself, and Softaculous isn’t affected by the same limits that affect your website. It’s a very reliable way to update WordPress in my experience!


Mind guiding me on how to do that?? i have no idea… i no longer have the wp-admin and wp-includes file btw… so my site won’t even open… so when I’m trying to add the new one, this error pops up…

never mind… i did it… thanks for the quick reply. i was almost abt pop off to bed… Thanks a lot man

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Take note of this as well


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