Monsta FTP: FTP authentication failed

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epiz_25945996, Website:

Error Message

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Error! FTP Aunthetication failed.

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I decided to delete my hosting account and open a new one, when I tried to login into Monsta FTP a login window appeared, after that I put in the correct FTP credentials, that error popped up, now it’s saying that there’s been too many incorrect login attempts.

username: epiz_25941726 error message: Error! FTP Authentication failed.
|Status:|Resolving address of|
|Status:|Connecting to…|
|Status:|Connection established, waiting for welcome message…|
|Status:|Initializing TLS…|
|Status:|Verifying certificate…|
|Status:|TLS connection established.|
|Command:|USER epiz_25941726|
|Response:|331 User epiz_25941726 OK. Password required|
|Command:|PASS ******************************|
|Response:|421 Home directory not available - aborting|
|Error:|Could not connect to server|
|Status:|Waiting to retry…|

Please read this article:


OK, thank you I will check back later and tomorrow.

I have fixed the issue, creating a new hosting account and deleting all domains related to it made me able to connect to Monsta FTP again, this is really weird but at least it works now

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