Monsta FTP file upload stuck

I am trying to upload a 17.8MB file to my HTDOCS folder on my website, . It is a zip file which I would like to unpack so all the directories are there, because it is a source code file from my old website. I try to upload it, and it is working up to 100 Percent on the progress bar, and then it just processes and doesn’t do anything, and basically stops, so I have no files uploaded in the end. I get no error message at all. Could somebody please help me? Thanks in advance.

Max file size is 10 mb. Extract the zip file on your PC/laptop then upload the extracted files via ftp (filezilla)


Is there a way I can upload a higher amount of files then?, could I maybe use another FTP client?

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No. You cannot upload larger files here. Since you said it was a zip file, just unzip it on your local machine and upload the resulting data.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


You can upload higher number of files using FTP it will not make issue till reach 30000nodes.
But thing is each file should not exceed 10MB thats need to be noted.
So unzipping and extracting then uploading through FTP may help you!


Not only that, each hosting account is capped at 5GB limit for storage


unzip the file and then zip the files again in two files

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