[Monsta FTP] An unknown error occurred during authentication

Normally (including yesterday), when I click the ‘Go to File Manager’ button on my account dashboard, it opens Monsta FTP in a new tab and auto-logs-in. But today, if I do that, an authentication dialog appears on the Monsta FTP screen. If I enter the website/FTP username and password given to me during registration, it says ‘An unknown error occurred during authentication’. If I try multiple times, it says ‘Error! Too many incorrect login attempts. Please try again in 5 minutes’. I am able to login to ftpupload.net, but not Monsta. Please assist.

We did some security updates on the MonstaFTP server recently, which appears to have caused a connection problem with the FTP server. That’s the reason you are (and everyone else is) unable to login to it.

A workaround has been implemented to fix this for the time being (although you still need to wait 5 minutes if you have too many failed login attempts).

Thank you