MOFH Themes

Hello there :>

Can anyone send me any theme close to infinity free’s
I do know that infinity free’s MOFH theme is custom, tho I will want the closest one possible
Also any video showcasing how to install the theme cause im an idiot and i cant get a damn theme to work!

Anyways. Someone please send any themes :slight_smile:

You’re in the wrong place, kid. Why would InfinityFree give you a theme for free? Hard work of more than 4 years! I know that MOFH templates are a bit too outdated, but you just can’t ask “Send me anyways”, which sounds neither like a request nor professional.

Anyways, you’re not gonna get anything here. Go to (official MOFH forum) to get some coding tips so that you can code yourself.

Maybe you are not worthy of such a theme either, because you don’t know how it functions :laughing:. Sorry for my rudeness @mods


ok :<

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Good :+1:

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If you want my help, you should definitely stop calling it a “MOFH theme”. A theme is a coat of paint to make functionality look a bit different. The client area is a custom built, completely separate management interface with many new features. Calling it a “theme” is frankly an insult and a gross understatement of what the panel actually does and adds.


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