Hey, I’ve installed ClipBucket with SoftAculous from cPanel but I have some errors at modules wich I need: FFMPEG, PHP CLI, Media Info, MP4Box, ImageMagick and FFProbe.

Is it possible to have it? Or the host can’t have it?

We don’t allow video sharing sites on our hosting, so we don’t have most of the modules you listed. Most of them are video and audio manipulation tools which consume a LOT of server power, so you’ll either need to get your own VPS or dedicated server or find a host which specifically offers video hosting support.

If i get there paid host ill can ?

@xiLikeHD said:
If i get there paid host ill can ?

That depends on which paid hosting you’re referring to. On XVHOST, video sharing sites are not allowed either for the same reason. I suspect you’ll either have to look for a host which specifically supports video hosting (which is only a small part of all hosting providers) or get a VPS or dedicated server so you can install the software yourself.