Mobile vs desktop PageSpeed scores

Does infinity use 2 different servers,
one for their mobile section, and another for desktops ?

Very impressed with the desktop speed
but cant understand why infinity is slower on the mobile section ?

I don’t think so.

It could be the way you have your mobile site coded so it is better for mobile.

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From my experience it’s not slow to load websites on mobile, it could be that your site has a lot of code in it and takes longer since mobile doesn’t have much RAM.


Thanx guyz.
Regarding code amount,
my other website, has NO Videos,on the home page,
which usually blocks initial load speeds.

but again …
Desktop time = Total Blocking Time 0 ms
Mobile time = Total Blocking Time 250 ms

so i presume that the Coding amount, isnt that much of a problem …because even one image, will take longer on mobile,regardless of size ?

Possibly, things could take longer on mobile. I don’t know how Google does this, but the best way would be to just open the page on a phone that has never loaded your page before and see what it does.


Thanx “G”, ill try that
your a valuable-asset to infinity
please dont ever leave .

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I’ll try not to :grinning:

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For mobile devices the test is simply more rigorous
and I assume that they take into account older devices as well as the average speed of mobile internet (data)

I don’t take that test seriously :smile:

If it " flies" on a desktop then it will on an 8 cores modern smartphone as well.

Here you will get a lot more :


Thanx “Oxy”
according to the yello lab tool
both desktop and mobile have
so your right, it does depend on the
Analyzer not the infinity servers.
The final result was the same on both devices


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