Mobile Site not working

My website not working on mobile site but it working in pc. In mobile site it does not display the whole system. Navbar did not display

perhaps you could show the css code for us to look at?. Or look up your question on stack overflow. Please also give us the address of your website.

this is my addresss link

the css is in the folder

I cannot log to it, Can you please send screen shots of it from both pc and mobile?



This is pc screen

That looks like you’re using some Bootstrap table (with Datatables?). Tables normally don’t collapse on mobile screen, because actual tables have rows and columns with a certain meaning.

The default behavior of Bootstrap tables is to show a horizontal scroll bar, but if there is other CSS or scripting on your page which hides, removes or breaks the scroll bar, then you don’t see it.

It’s been a while since I’ve used Datatables, but it’s possible that Datatables causes this to break too.

In any case:

  • Tables (especially wide ones) are inherently not mobile friendly. They should be usable, but will always be better on wider screens.
  • It’s hard to do anything but speculate if all you do is send pictures of screens. It would help a lot if we could actually see the page and check the code.

What about landscape orientation?

in landscape also give a same output. The idebar does not display

I try remove datatable. But It also same. sidebar does not display

Can you please share the code, rather than a screenshot of your editor with the code open? Screenshots can be very helpful in providing information, but some things (notably URLs and programming code) are much more suitable to be shared as text.

The reason I’m asking for code is that I would like to open it myself and see if I can poke at it to make it work. I’m not sure about other people here, but I don’t feel like typing the code from 7 different screenshots because you believed it to be a more effective sharing method than, say, Pastebin or GitHub Gists.


I can’t open that archive, it seems corrupted from my end.

Could you please share it as a ZIP file instead? RAR archives are a closed source, commercial product, so software compatibility is usually quite bad. ZIP files can be used almost anywhere.

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