Mixed Content

My WP Login page at https://moneybrozllc.gq/moneybroz-login-ajax has a very bad mixed content error. I tried removing .htaccess code from a plugin I was using and it didn’t work. Anyone got an idea about whats wrong?

Looks fine to me. Seems to be a problem with the browser you are using or the fact that you are using a mobile device.


I tried a different browser, and it worked. I might need to do a little tinkering in the settings. (The browser was actually Chrome)

I cleared my cache on Google Chrome, I turns out that my cache was at 166MB!

Also, I don’t know if you are aware of this or if this is intended, but:
https://moneybrozllc.gq/projects/ results in a forbidden error.


Im aware of that. Im about to fix that.

It is quite normal. It saves content of whatever you’re visiting in your local device to boost speed of launching a page.

If you visit lots of pages and sites, the cache storage will be as much as you’re seeing.


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