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I followed the steps in the previous thread.

But my issue was not rectified. Please help.

Did you do this?


I have previously installed this plugin. It was okay for some time. But later the issue continued.

Did you try to re-install plugin?

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The plugin is still there. These are the current settings.

If simple does not work, use content mode.
Did you read the article?

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I see you are using Cloudflare
I don’t know what mode you use, flex , full or full strict
but something is definitely wrong because you have a redirection loop

This indicates that the redirect was made by your site
but also after that, if something is wrongly set on CF and CF can do a redirect and you get an infinite loop

Depending on what mode you use, maybe this article will help you


Now I quickly looked/visited all the pages and it looks like you succeeded

a few are still on HTTP

Screenshot 2023-03-01 201207

although some parts of the menu lead to the domain but that’s probably on purpose

Screenshot 2023-03-01 200957


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