Missing Wordpress Theme files

I have the WordPress theme “Storefront” by Woocommerce. I’m trying to get rid of the “Built with Storefront & WooCommerce”. This would normally be located under
…wp-content/themes/storefront/inc/storefront-template-functions.php. When looking at my theme files I do not see the theme storefront. I see other themes. I also did a complete search for the PHO file under mydomain.com/htdocs.
Any clues?


Can you please screenshot the “wp-themes” directory and provide your URL?

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Thx for the quick reply.
I did manage to fix it through the WP Theme editor however I find it odd the “storefront” theme is not listed making any backups challenging for that theme. Here is a screenshot from Infinityfree’s file manager. I also did a search for the file through Filezilla. I can’t yet share the domain as the website isn’t ready for public viewing.

It is the product folder. Some themes name them different because of WordPress standards.


We can’t help you then


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