Missing Website (play creepy music)

When I try to visit http://maidcleaneveryday.epizy.com/ I get a white page of nothing and the url changes to http://maidcleaneveryday.epizy.com/?z. Same thing happens with the wp-admin not for sure what has happened.

Also when I go to the wordpress installation area, click edit, making no changes click save. I get this error
The following errors were found :

  • The URL posted is not in your domain(s) list
    I’m using this software:

Not for sure what has happened but I am racking my brain on this any help would be appreciated.

The reason your website doesn’t load on maidcleaneveryday.epizy.com, is because the domain maidcleaneveryday.epizy.com is not assigned to any hosting account right now. I see you have a hosting account with maidcleaneveryday.epizy.com in the label, but the account doesn’t actually have any domain names.

Please add the domain again through the Subdomains section in the control panel, or create a new hosting account, if you want to show your website on the domain.

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