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Have had missing files happening for quite a while. The site responds just that maybe aty any time only half of the assets show up as “broken graphics”. The files themselves are there - logged in thru ftp and see them and they seem to be intact.

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Realize there is a “migration” going on and am unsure if this is related but “hosting volume” wise it seems this phenomenon happeneing with asset files showing up as “broken” should have been over by now?? Correct if wrong…
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So are the files missing or aren’t they? If the files are missing, we don’t have them. If the files exist on FTP but not on your website, they aren’t missing, and something else is going on.

To figure out what’s going on, I need a bit more information than a vague notion and some speculation as to what it could be.

Could you please point out which URLs specifically on your site show the broken content, what that looks like for you, and what the file looks like that’s stored on FTP for the same location?


As was said earlier… THE FILES THEMSELVES ARE THERE and INTACT as far as the ftp is concerned. At one point they were re-uploaded from a backup just to make sure. This a very simple site that has run for a very long time and not been updated or touched.

When it is to say they appear “missing” that means they don’t show up on the displayed web page in a browser. The are showing up RANDOMLY

as “broken graphic” icons. RANDOM meaning that in a given pull of content from the site different graphics display as “broken”. NO popups or other errors being displayed. This all started back in november '22 and it was noted there was an infrastructure hardware migration going on so nothing was reported about this. The decision was made at that time to simply wait it out… It’s safe to say then this issue is NOT something connected with the migration?

Here’s an example of another random pull of content from the site after clearing browser cache…

Everything is loading fine for me and returning a 200 (OK)


regardless of whether it works there, as you can see from content pulls done previously it is not displaying properly to the rest of the net. all this STARTED at the time of the infrastructure migration. nothing in the site code has changed for years and the site is so simple it should NOT be browser dependent.

As is so happens this site was viewed from 5 or 6 different locations from around the world via TOR using various “new identities”… The site pulled up with a few randomly missing graphics from some areas and some pulled up completely fine (as in your content pull you displayed above)… Why is it that some parts of the world (ip spaces) your servers seem to deliver all the content and from other areas they do not? This never happened before nov '22 and I check this site daily to make certain it is up and running.

I checked the section of the screenshot on the page and it looks the same for me as it did for @Greenreader9. Which is to say: perfectly fine and not corrupted.

Are you sure the problem isn’t just on your end? Because so far, you seem to be the only one having this issue on your site.

Could you please try to check the page in Incognito Mode to rule out any bad browser cache? Is there a web proxy on your end that could affect your ability to load sites (i.e. does it work over a VPN)?


Always on vpn. But have always BEEN on VPN and this issue only cropped up within the last couple of months. So while yes it could be this end as well NOTHING has changed on this end to cause this particular problem with JUST this particular site. VPN configuration has been the same on this end since it was set up some time ago. To answer your question directly incognito/private browser modes yield same results as was posted above. Also as previously mentioned when clearing browser caches the issue with the broken graphics simply rotates to different graphics displaying as “broken”. This issue has been verified on this end with 3 different browsers - chrome - ms edge - and FF… There was never a need to run incognito or private modes on browsers to pull content from this site. The site is excruciatingly simple and its code has been the same since day one. If this issue is being caused by this end it’s a loss to explain why this started happening at all and exactly the same time as the infra migration and has persisted ever since.

Just did a couple more world wide content pulls with TOR and most came up clean with a few exceptions. I guess if it displays correctly for MOST of the net then it just is what it is… I can see that the site is up at least even with the broken graphics…

It could be, but there is nothing I see that indicates a server issue.

Yes, your account was migrated to new storage in November. And I will admit that I cannot guarantee for certain that no files or changes were lost because of this migration.

But if the files were corrupted, the images would be broken on your website for everyone. And they would be broken over FTP too. You yourself have confirmed that the files on FTP are OK, and the images on your website are looking fine for everyone here too. So as far as I can tell, the problem is not with the files stored on our servers.

Seeing how we cannot reproduce the issue, it’s very hard for us to troubleshoot this. But there is a way you can help us see what’s happening on your end.

Please open a fresh Incognito window, open the Developer Tools window on your browser (press F12) and go to the Network tab. Then, enter the website URL in the address bar and go to it. This will fill the Network tab with all the requests done by your browser to load your website.

If you’ve confirmed that this does include broken images, go to the top bar in the Network tab and find the download icon (arrow pointing downward) that says “Export HAR…”.

Then, share the exported HAR file with us here. That will allow us to analyze the web requests made by your browser and see how the server actually responded.


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