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Hello, i want to connect the subdomain of my website (subdomain.example.com) to IF to use WordPress, but i am having a problem. I am using Cloudflare to manage my website without Proxy but, with the SSL working on the apex domain and all the other subdomain. Why it is not working on Infinity Free? What can i do? Thanks

We are unable to help you if you do not provide actual info.
What is the actual domain and subdomain?


What SSL mode are you using at Cloudflare (Full, flexible, none)?


The flexible one

And what is the URL?

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Ok, I checked the domain and the info you provided.

If you have proxy off, then requests to the domain just go through Cloudflare, Cloudflare does not do anything. So if proxy if off, any Cloudflare settings (Like SSL mode) are ignored, because you told Cloudflare to ignore them.

And since you don’t have an origin SSL cert, the site does not have SSL. So everything is working correctly.

You can do one of the following to get SSL on your subdomain:

  • Set proxy mode to active for the DNS record (Orange Cloud)
  • Get a certificate for the domain and put it in the control panel (You CANNOT choose Self-Signed, you will get an insecure message)

I believe it is going through origin



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