Missing Name Server Error

Main domain: www.projectlife.ga (not working)
Sub domain: https://cheaptraveldeals.locator.rf.gd/ (working)

My main website has all of a sudden stopped loading today.

The subdomain loads just fine.

I had a similar problem in the past but I solved it by using a vpn to access it & the infinityfree panel that was also not loading loaded aswell after that.

I checked the main domain on the infinityfree domain checker, and it shows my name server is missing.

As you can see in the screenshot I have the nameservers already setup on my domain provider - so there is clearly some disconnect or error that infinityfree domain checker is unable to verify that it is still updated, and as i mentioned my subdomain running perfectly fine aswell.

Please see this thread

In short, Freenom has lost control of all .ga domains.


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