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After logging in with admin/admin if you select the Admin tab in the navigation for whatever reason the javascript assigned to the buttons is not activating, and on the last section “Assigned Work” the buttons arent even appearing. On my personal computer with xampp this all works perfectly, but after transfer into the host with FileZilla FTP its not exactly the same. What could be causing this? I know the javascript is there and the buttons are there in the code as seen below:

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user/password to login is just admin

The javascript isn’t showing, because I believe you have added it in the config file or index, try moving the JavaScript into the admin.php page, and for any issues with the javascript, I wouldn’t know, You should wait for someone good at JavaScript, my forte is php!

Alright thanks for the reply, and agreed im much better at php than i am javascript but i needed to use javascript to get the effect i wanted here.

Yeah, Don’t worry, there are many javaScript experts here!

I checked the page, and in the error console of the browser, I see the following message:

Uncaught ReferenceError: userOpen is not defined

Looking at the HTML code returned by your PHP script, it looks like the page is cut off just after the “Remove Assigned Work” form.

Can you please check your PHP code above there is working correctly so that the full HTML content of your page is returned?


Ok so i checked it and fixed a few things and it was working, and then suddenly im getting a 500 error but its still loading the page?

Turns out is was some missing database columns/names issues, my fault thank you for the help! I wouldnt have noticed it was cut off after Remove Assigned Work if you hadnt pointed it out!

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