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possible to make a minecraft server here on free host? i want to add a sql, i’m new here! Thanks! Any help will be appreciate! Sorry for bad english!

Minecraft servers can’t be hosted or not allowed on free hosting. However you can still use your website for your server as a Forum, or ban appeal, applying staffs, member page or contact page.

Here’s some support articles that might be helpful to you since you are new here!


You cant create a Minecraft server here because InfinityFree is meant to be for websites and not gaming servers.


I can’t?

Yes, you can’t, but you can do Minecraft statistics in your website if you want.

But strictly, Minecraft game hosting isn’t allowed here


Thanks! Maybe i will just follow what the first reply said! Thank you!!

i will follow this, thanks too, i will make statistics!!

Yes! You can make a statistics like what @JavesPotato said!

Goodluck with your server!


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