Migration to iFastNet

Username: epiz_30448014
Website URL: clickprinting.cf

I’m using Infinity Free free hosting to do a website creation test but, as I’m new to website building and I take a long time testing the features, my account is suspended almost every day for reaching the limit of CPU.
I need to finish this site as it’s a test for a good job. I received the suggestion to migrate to iFastNet, but I have doubts if the process is safe and simple to be carried out. Can anyone clarify a little more about this migration to iFastNet? Is it a reliable host? Does it also have CPU and storage usage limits?
Thanks to anyone who can help!

iFastNet hosting has different limits which are not as low as InfinityFree’s. They have more disk space, cpu, ram all for a cheap price. I do not personally use them, but they appear reliable and secure.

As for the migration process, see this:

Hope this information helps!


Thank you very much! I’ll migrate soon.


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