Migration to another host

Hello everyone,

I have an issue migrating my website to another host server.
Well, I have installed the plugin SiteGround Migrator but when I am using the token, a message appears saying that I need to give restrictions. To do so, I heard about correcting the number 755 for folders and 644 right numbers for files. However, nothing has changed.

Could you help me ?

Thank :wink:

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You should follow this guide

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Thanks, I see … I can use FTP FileZilla to do the migration btw both of the host server.
But when I launch a transfer, sometimes it has disconnections.
Do you know how to make sure in the software that the process still keep transfering he files automatically ?


Can you show the logs from FileZilla after it disconnects? It should not disconnect during a transfer, but it will if no transfer is ongoing. Starting a transfer will always force a reconnect.

Issue : disconnected

but it still seems processing in the window below.
I was looking for a reconnected but maybe it never appears.

Can you please share the full logs?

Thx guys but it’s ok.
That was still processing as you said even if the status “connected” did not appear.
All of my files seem to be transferred correctly to the new host via FTP.

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If don’t know which web host to move to then go here

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If you want to migrate to SiteGround using a plugin from SiteGround, then maybe SiteGround can help you with this? We don’t know this plugin, we don’t support this plugin, and like every other hosting company out there, we’d rather help people move to our hosting than away from us.


Yes I guess … thanks for your help

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