Migrating from infinity free domain to a custom domain

Please I am having a serious issue here and I would like to be assisted. I will explain my situation so that you can understand me very well.

I started a blog with with a free host plan, the website started became quite successful and i needed to use it google adsense, unfortunately i discover google is not accepting the sub-domain which prompt me now to get both premium host and new domain name.

But upon getting this, I am having issues with changing my website name from sub-domain to custom domain. Such issues involves pointing of nameserver and the data migration general set- up.

I chose to use the alternative method by using the wp migration plugin on Wordpress but i am still confused based on certain things which are as follow:

  1. At the point of downloading the plugin on my wordpress, I’m getting the error response (‘‘Installation failed: Could not create directory. /htdocs/wp-content/upgrade/backup’’) which i think I’ve been restricted due to the free hosting am using
    For this reason, I chose to go for premium hosting so i can have access to download on my wordpress but there is this thing i am not cleared about if am to purchase the premium host for the old domain name or the new one or even for the two.

This is just too complicated for me. Can anyone help me out with a comprehensive step by step procedure on how to get this resolved. I would even appreciate if i can get someone who will assist me because i don’t want to make a mistake that will affect the website.

Please help!

Did you read this?


Google indeed doesn’t accept subdomains, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a domain name and premium hosting.

I strongly recommend to anyone who is serious about their website to buy a domain name. It’s only like $10 per year, and enables many extra possibilities with your site in addition to looking a lot more professional.

Premium hosting is not required though. You can use your own, custom domain with free hosting as well, and we have no restrictions on you placing advertisements on your own site.

Step 1 is to decide if you actually want premium hosting. If you’re just looking for a way to use AdSense, you don’t need premium hosting. If your website is getting popular and you need to be able to handle more traffic, then premium hosting is a good idea.

Step 2 is to ask iFastNet to migrate your site from free hosting to premium hosting. They can do that for you easily.

Step 3 is to add your own domain to your premium account at iFastNet. The easiest way is if you link it to the same directory as your free subdomain. That way, you don’t need to move any files at all.

Step 4 is to just login to the WordPress admin area on your free subdomain and update the website URL there. If you completed the above steps, it’s as easy as updating the setting and it will just work.

As you can see, there is no need to do any migration yourself!

And if you do ever need to migrate your site, please do not use backup/migration plugins. They often don’t work, and leave you with a corrupted site. Both our website migration guide and the official guide from WordPress do not reference any migration plugins, because you should not use migration plugins.


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