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I want to migrate a WordPress ite ti my old hosting to InfinityFree. How can I do? Can i get a completely free migration plugin?

Please read this, it might help you.


@OverloadedTech, migrations can be a big problem with InfinityFree. Due to:

  • File Size Limit (10MB)
    WordPress websites are generally more than 100 MB (just after installation).
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Can you give me a plugin?

A rather tall request to expect from IF isn’t it?
Premium hosting is a better option if you need plugin.


No plugin can work if the site you are migrating is over 10MB, which obvious. I suggest you to import the posts from the old host and design the website (themes, etc) manually. If using elementor (not recommended on free hosting) you can export the templates and import again here! If that doesn’t suit you go for a cheap hosting plan at least that will work!

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If you use backup or migration plugins, definitely.

If you follow our guide, this is not an issue, because you’re uploading all WordPress files individually, not as a single, big backup.

But @Admin, manually uploading every file from WordPress (old host) can be hefty, as there are more than 5500+ files, at least on a new installation. Zipping them won’t work as the file size would be above 10 MB! So how do we migrated the files, except the sql file?

Just extract the backup, upload the entire folder with FileZilla and wait. Yes, it can take an hour or more. But during that hour you could take a walk, watch an episode of your favorite TV show or do whatever else you want. When you come back, it’s done.

You could also try to optimize it and waste an hour in frustration on how on earth you’re going to upload and extract a large archive here.


Not if you do a fresh WP install via Softaculous.
Then upload the uploads, plugins and themes directory from backup
Lastly, import the database. Take note to match the prefix table.


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