Microsoft 365

Error From Microsoft 365 Admin Center:
The name server (NS) or Start of Authority (SOA) records for your domain aren’t set up correctly. Check the NS records and the primary name server specified in the SOA record to make sure they are valid, internet-facing, name servers hosting your domain’s records.

We queried these nameservers for the records:,

So I am a Microsoft 365 support technician and I set these types of accounts up all day. I also called Microsoft Support regarding this error, but seems to be on the InfinityFree side. I was able to setup my other domain email with Microsoft 365 [email protected], but when trying to setup [email protected] I am facing the above error. I didn’t do any thing different when setting up my other domain ( so I am not sure why it is not communicating with Microsoft.


I’m a bit confused. Your trying to set up Microsoft 365 on your domain, but are getting a nameserver error?

If your domain is already connected to an IF account, you can change the nameservers to set up the MS account, as long as you have an A record pointing to your IF IP. If you want additional help, can you tell me exactly what you are trying to do?

I do believe that the way NS records are setup in our nameservers is not entirely according to standards. That said, this is the first time ever I’ve seen this create any issues.

Ideally this should be solved on our end, but I don’t think this will get priority. So what you could do is switch your domain name to other nameservers, like Cloudflare, and handle the DNS there yourself.


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