Microphone blocked to protect your privacy


My site needs to use microphone and I can’t enable the option to allow microphone use on google chrome. The microphone chrome setting is disabled.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

Has that SSL? If site doesn’t have ssl or be a subdomain, browser will count it as an insecure site and it’ll block Things such as microphone, Notifications will be blocked.
If your site domain is subdomain (based on epizy.om or rf.gd) You’ve to get domain from either Freenom or other domain providers, After that you installed your domain on your site, You’ll have to get SSL for it from Cloudflare or other SSL providers (IF also allows you to get ssl for your site.)

After that, Your site can work with https, means microphone can be used on your site :slight_smile:


Hello BayoDino, thanks for the answer.
Yesterday, I read a lot about unsafe websites and what stops working on them.
I read a little about what you said too and I won’t to try this for now. I will install xampp on client to test the website. For now this is what we need.

Thank you again for the answer.

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