Why it’s added as other file manager ?

Now i can’t edit my files. how can i use previous file manager again?

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Although the layout and the UI is different, all the functions and abilities you could accomplish before should be able to be used now. Is it possible that you have mistakenly edited your file permissions?


There are also some modified versions of net2ftp on Google if you don’t like Monsta FTP. Try to search on Google net2ftp, choose what version suits the best and connect with as hostname, port 21, and the username and password.

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Why not? Just right click the file and click Edit?

If iFastNet’s installation doesn’t support this, you can also use which does have this function enabled.

both show me this when editing :frowning:

I recommend for the Monsta FTP editor to use Google Chrome and have a good connection.

This looks like it might be a compatibility issue with your browser, rather than an issue with the file manager installation. Can you please check if you get this issue on other browsers as well? I’ve used Google Chrome and Firefox, both without any problems.


i’m with opera and i have not the problem with other browsers.

so thank you xD

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