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Hi there! I would like to create a usual Mediawiki wiki on Infinityfree. My wiki would contains pages and some files for the pages. Is it banned to host some photos ( photos ONLY and not other files type ) together with my websites on Infinityfree? Would my account got terminated if it come together with photos ( there might be more in the future )?

If it not allow, could I host the wiki on Infinityfree and then use external files services?

Also is it allowed to host a wiki farm like Wikipedia with Infinityfree ?

Wikis are ok. Although, there are a lot of limits that might restrict wikis, such as I/O and DB limits (if you want people to manually edit and create pages). Site hits is also a big limit. Wikis generally have a lot of scripts and content (then again, pretty much any site will have lots of scripts and content), meaning that it will likely go down quickly with even a small visitor count. Hosting photos are ok, but you are limited to 10MB per file, so if you are doing photography or other topics requiring lots of quality and therefore lots of disk space then you are likely to have a hard time. While not violating the terms, hosting images would be better done by using an external service (like imgur). External image hosting is not bannable, as long as it does not cause the site to violate the terms of service (so no obscene or otherwise mature imagry. Just use common sense. If you wouldn’t show it to a 12 year old then don’t put it on the site*. If you find showing obscene imagry to a 12 year old perfectly okay… then that might be a problem). This may be a problem if it is community edited, as there are always people who try to vandalize wikis and sometimes with no regards to appropriate content.

*Within reason. Just don’t show content that would belong to an adult audience. If it sounds like it would be for an adult audience only, then don’t put it on the site. The terms of service does a good job describing what is not allowed on Infinityfree.

Hosting a wiki is fine, even if it includes some photos.

However, it should be noted that MediaWiki is pretty heavy software so no guarantees about how well it will work.

Is Mediawiki very heavy through? I taught it is light

Photos wouldn’t be too huge through. If it is, I will just compress it to a lower file size. I could also use Mediawiki settings to block spammer and review all edits on the wiki so it wouldn’t bring any harm.

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Then it should be fine. I just recommend using paid hosting as Infinity is more for a hobbyist/development setting. They are run by Ifastnet, which has a premium service for a great deal that I recommend looking into…

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I will. I wanted to start out with free hosting and when I funded enough money, I will use premium hosting. I currently doesn’t have too much views coming onto my wiki too.

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