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Could I create a Mediawiki wiki farm like Wikipedia or Fandom with Infinityfree?

Please don’t create more than one topic about the same thing.


Making more than one topic about the same thing will not make your topic more likely to be answered. In fact, it is more likely for your topic to be deleted giving you a bad reputation. People probably wouldn’t want to help you then.

If everyone did what you are doing, the forum would be a dystopia of duplicate topics in which we don’t know which topics are duplicates are what, and so would waste time answering two different topics that are actually just duplicates instead of helping someone else. You probably don’t want that.


Please don’t spam multiple topics! If you want to have different subtopics, then please just edit your original post instead of posting a new one. It is easier to navigate with only one post than to have to switch between two different posts. It can also get quite confusing with two posts, as the switching back and forth can get us mixed up and respond incorrectly to one comment instead of responding to another…

It not the same thing. The first post is about a single Mediawiki wiki ( an independent wiki like Among Us Fandom wiki on Fandom ) and could I have host photos with it too. This post is about Mediawiki wikifarm like Wikipedia and could I use Infinityfree to host wiki farm ?

I am not doing duplicate topic! One is about a single wiki while another is about wiki farm. Please make clear about the different of usual wiki ( single wiki ) and wiki farm.

I edited my post. It would be better to edit your original post (not this one) to include the content of this post as well. Now that I see it, it might not be a duplicate, but it is related, meaning that you should probably just include both of the questions in one post. It makes it much faster and easier to resolve that way.


Oh ok thanks. I separate it cause I scare it will be mixed response if in a single question.

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Generally it will be mixed, but it should include both answers. If it isn’t, then just ask for them to answer the other question you asked. The community is nice* and will generally fulfill your request to fully answer the question at bay.

*Because the human nature is unpredictable and for the most part uncontrollable, we cannot guarantee 100% niceness, but most people that can provide help on this forum are nice. Kind of a joke but also reality.
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What does a “MediaWiki Farm” look like on a technical level? Is it like a WordPress Network site where it’s built into the MediaWiki software? Or are you talking about deploying a separate MediaWiki instance for each site?

In any case, you’re going to run into trouble in that there are limited ways to add additional domains to an existing website, and no support for wildcard subdomains for example. Those are all premium only features.

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Mediawiki will be like Wikipedia. ( since Wikipedia is built with Mediawiki by the way :rofl: ). You could find some info here : Wiki hosting service - Wikipedia

I’m familiar with both Wikipedia and Wikia and I know they both are running on or based on the MediaWiki codebase. But that doesn’t tell me how you can setup a “wiki farm” (like Wikia) with MediaWiki.

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Oh you could change the code off Mediawiki with the guide provided by them:

The guide teach how to make a wiki farm from the Mediawiki source code.

Ah, right.

I suppose it would work just as well as a regular MediaWiki site. The only caveat is that you’ll need to add every wiki domain as a Parked Domain to be able to link them to the same site. This only works with different, custom domains. You cannot use subdomains for this.

Ok sure thanks. I will. I just wanted to know if it allowed in Infinityfree to do so ( create a wikifarm ) :slightly_smiling_face:

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