Mediawiki thumbnail issue

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Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination

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I am very much a novice to this, so before I posted here I have sent 4 hours on mediawiki and other forums to work out the issue, I have now completely deleted my wiki and started again and indeed its the same issue, I just want to post images to my wiki any help at all would be appreciated.

I took a quick look at search results for that error, and I think I see the problem.

A common issue is that the directory for temporary files (wgTmpDirectory in LocalSettings.php) is not writable. Looking at your configuration, you are trying to use the folder temp in the root of your account for this. This will not work, because all PHP scripts on our hosting can only access files within their own htdocs folder.

Instead, you could create a temp folder (or better yet - a randomly named directory like the original setting had) in your htdocs folder and use that for the temporary files.


Perfect got it working, thank you.

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