MediaWiki not working

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Error contacting the Parsoid/RESTBase server (HTTP 500)

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I get this error, when I click on “Edit” on my wiki.

Does MediaWiki work on InfinityFree’s free plan?

MediaWiki should work here.

Can you screenshot the error message for me?


Edit: I found this on their forums.

And this as well:

Can you try installing an SSL certificate to see if it makes a difference?


I have used MediaWiki here previously, however it was quite slow. However, it should still work. As Greenreader9 said, can you please share a screenshot of the error?

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Screenshot 2022-01-04 181918

See my edit above @anon32498208

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I did already install SSL using Cloudflare.

Your right, I must have missed that, sorry.

I am able to recreate the error on my side, so perhaps a reinstallation might work? Unfortunately, I have never used the software myself, so maybe asking the question to mediaWiki support will get you a better answer.


I made a topic here: MediaWiki not working with InfinityFree on Project:Support desk

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I made topic on the MediaWiki forum.

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