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I don’t get an error message, however, I am asking for help on installing MediaWiki. Currently for me I can’t manually install(because I don’t know how) and Softaculous won’t open. Could someone help me?

Install Manually
Look at the “Set up and run MediaWiki” box

If Softaculous wont open, is there an an error message? Did you just create your account? (If you account was just created, it may take a bit before Softaculous works.) Is your account suspended, or close to its Inode limit?

It would be easier to install with Softaculous than to do it manually, so let’s try to solve that problem.



@Greenreader9 Helllo! I solved and downloaded however, VisualEditor will not work. It says Parsoid/RESTBASE Error: 500

Can you please send a screenshot? And where is this error occuring?

Here is the error.


Have you tried searching for this error?
I believe this error is related to MediaWiki and not hosting.
In that article, the author or topic said that this problem happens when he underlines or de underline the word in the source.
Another reply from another topic:

I just solved this problem for my own wiki hosted with SiteGround! The error occurs if your website doesn’t have a SSL certificate attached to it yet.

I attached the certificate, added the following line to the localsettings.php file:

wfLoadExtension( ‘VisualEditor’ );

And the visual editor loaded without problem.

Good luck!

Ref: Still getting Parsoid/RESTBase server (HTTP 500) errors when enabling visual editor in mediawiki 1.35 version on Project:Support desk
Another topic that might be helpful:

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@MAHOfficial Thanks but now another issue arises, when I try to add anything to more configuration(such as load extensions) it gives me a 500 Error on the entire website. Which is weird. How do I resolve?

Ok, it’s been resolved but now I get the same error again. I have an SSL Certificate and I added that line. I still get the error.

A 500 error means something is crashing. This article has some generic information on how to get started debugging that:

Debugging this issue may be harder if the error only appears in background AJAX calls (through the popups) instead of a full page error. So you may need to dig into the developer tools of your browser (notably the Network tab) to see the actual error.

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I found out that this only happens on the Main Page. Not other pages, thank you though!

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