Mediawiki host on infinityfree


So I managed to create my website with a valid SSL certificate and everything, however on this website I am trying to upload the wiki I did make with mediawiki. This being said I did upload my mediawiki file but when I enter in my website it shows this:

For some security reasons I prefer not to add my website link there but there is a picture of what it gives.
Any idea on what’s wrong?

Additionally, when I am trying to upload all the mediawiki folder at once (26k files though, it may be why) it doesn’t upload them so I must do it manually, is there any solution?


N.B: I know the issue might be because you must code in HTML and not in mediawiki or PHP but how can you upload the mediawiki server then?

That’s because you uploaded your files to /htdocs/mediawiki and not /htdocs. You can login to FileZilla and move them over.

Are you using FileZilla?



So I have to remove the mediawiki folder?

Please use FileZilla or a different desktop FTP Client. The online file manager is not suitable for these tasks.

Don’t remove the mediawiki folder, just move the files out of it.


Don’t remove the mediawiki folder, just move the files out of it.

Then it will be empty, won’t it?

I just installed it but how do you make a transfer?

I am sorry for all the questions, I’m really a newbie at this.


I found the solution, and last question, is it possible to change the domain name on an account that is already created?

No, you can’t change the name of the domain you chose. However, you can create a new domain and move everything to that one.


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